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So we saw a commercial for the Gerber Life Grow-Up plan and started filling out an online application. While I was filling out the application, I did some additional research and then decided against the policy. So I closed the web browser and thought that was it. I did not actively submit the application or receive any confirmation that the policy had been activated while filling out the application.

Here is the kicker: Gerber Life doesn't believe that you actually need to finish the application or actively click a submit button or the like - they will create the policy in any case because, hey, maybe you closed the browser by accident and then your computer spontaneously burst into flames so you didn't have a chance to finish your application... yeah, well.

The aftermath started when a sales rep began calling my wife about 'our policy'. She told him to contact me and I unambiguously let him know that we are no longer interested in the policy, thank you very much. The sales rep obviously couldn't care less as he somehow managed to still process the application, which is when the payment reminder emails started. I have sent one email and called the hotline twice so far, so I really hope this last call will do the trick. I was told to ignore any further payment reminder emails, which I will happily do.

Lesson learned: don't be fooled by the cute logo - Gerber Life is not any better than the rest of the industry.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

Preferred solution: Cancel the policy N-O-W.

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Sounds like a crock to me. I'm thinking you screwed up and want to blame someone else. They can't process a payment unless you enter billing information in which case your first idea that you "accidentally" made a payment was the confirmation email you most definitely would have received.

to Anonymous #1435957

That is NOT true, the same thing happened to me. I went back and deleted all the info I put in including my acct #.

I was charged, so maybe you can explain that!


No offense, but the onus is on you for not caring enough to do some research BEFORE beginning an application online. As most already know, it sets you up for a risk. Hopefully you learned something here!


The whole Gerber Grow-up plan is a scam. We cancelled our policy after 3 years to put money in our kids 529 college plan instead, and they gave us back a mere $179. That's after paying $2000 in premium!

to Anonymous Muskegon, Michigan, United States #1174968

Life insurance isn't a savings account. You don't get back all you put in to it.

Read the fine print next time. Company would go broke if the returned all your money after you decide to change your mind. If you read the paperwork, you'd see that the policy doesn't accumulate cash value for about 3 years so you should be happy you got that much.

This is an amazing company. Good luck finding something better!

to Tiredofignorance2 Saratoga Springs, New York, United States #1201677

Actually you do get the money back if that is the kind of policy it is. I got $4300 on mine just when I needed it.

There is no way to know how a company will respond online. I had a broker who was referred to me.

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